Media Council on film Classification to promote the Industry

The Media Council continues to regulate the content of the film industry by setting up a film Classification Secretariat in Communication house 3rd Floor Colville Street in Kampala.
The Council worked with Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) after it entered into a partnership to jointly regulate the film industry in the country.

The two institutions both have functions related to managing the film industry but have previously worked independent of each other. However, a memorandum of understanding for one year 2013 -2014 was signed to provide for the shared responsibility and resources to help streamline and develop the film and video industry in the country.

UCC provided office space on its premises on Communication House to accommodate the staff of Media Council responsible for film classification. The staff is expected to classify and censor films and videos to establish their appropriateness for audience viewing before they are showed to the public.

This move is intended to help promote development of the film industry and also protect the public from viewing undesirable content shown in places such as cinema and video halls scattered across the country.

Media Council, through the Press and Journalist Act CAP 105 is mandated to censor films, videotapes, plays and other related materials meant for public consumption.

Meanwhile the Uganda Communications Act 2013 allows UCC to license cinematography theatre, video and film libraries.

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