Registration of Editors

Section 5 of the Press and Journalists Act, Cap. 105 provides for registration of Editors. The following are the particulars for registration of Editors:

  1. His or her name and address;
  2. Certified copies of the relevant testimonials as proof of his or her qualifications and experience;
  3. Name and address of the news media; and
  4. Such other particulars as may be prescribed by the Media Council of Uganda.

The proprietor of news media notifies the Media Council within 30 (thirty) days of its coming to his or her notice of any change in any of the particulars referred to above.

Any person who contravenes Section 5 of the Press and Journalist Act, Cap. 105 commits an offense and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding three hundred thousand shillings and, in case of failure to pay the fine, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months.

Requirements for registration of Editors, Producers & Head of programs

Required attachments
a) Filled in forms; MCOU-Form 1 (Section 5 Press & Journalists Act, Cap.105)
b) Filled in Editorial Staff List (MCOU-Form 2)
c) Academic qualifications (An Editor must possess a degree in Mass
Communication or Media Studies, or a degree in any other field plus a diploma
or certificate in Journalism; Minimum qualification for a journalist is a
Certificate in Journalism) from recognized institution.
d) Letter of introduction of the journalist/media worker (Editor and Editorial
Team) from the employer to the Secretary, Media Council of Uganda.
e) Appointment letter together with the acceptance letter.
f) Work identity card.
g) National Identity Card/Passport.
h) Two-color passport-size photographs.
i) The media house must submit Certificate of Incorporation & Articles of
j) Evidence of payment of registration fees.
Registration fees: Editors pay a one-time off worth Ugx 210,000= (unless there is
change of an editor the media house must inform the Council to have the new editor

NOTE: The Media Council of Uganda reserves the right to refuse or revoke registration
at any time.

Functions of an Editor

Section 6 provides for a proprietor and Editor of a mass media organisation to:

  1. Ensure that what is published is not contrary to public morality;
  2. Retain a copy of each newspaper published by the organisation and a copy of each supplement to it for not less than ten years;
  3. In the case of electronic media, retain a record of all that is broadcast by a radio or television station for not less than thirty days.

Registration of Journalists

Under Section 26, the name and particulars of an enrolled person are, on presentation of the Certificate of Enrollment to the Media Council, entered on the Register of Journalists of Uganda and issued a Practising Certificate upon payment of the fees prescribed by the Media Council. The Practising Certificate is valid for one year and is renewable upon payment of the prescribed fees. It is illegal for any person to practice journalism without a valid practicing certificate in Uganda.

Any person who contravenes these provisions commits an offense and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding three hundred thousand shillings and, in case of failure to pay the fine, to imprisonment for a period not exceeding three months.

Benefits of Registration

Registration of journalists:

  1. Helps them to access information by allowing participation in conferences, workshops, trainings other gatherings, and any other sources of information;
  2. Enhances the protection of their rights and enjoyment of privileges in the performance of their duties; and
  3. Magnifies Journalism as a profession.

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