Form G, which is filled by foreign journalists applying for accreditation, was improved to require applicants to provide more information about themselves to the Media Council of Uganda.  A copy is available on this website for your ease of reference.

The National Accreditation Committee has been put in place, with the Chairman and Secretary of the Media Council of Uganda as its Chair and Secretary, respectively. It is a committee with representatives from other agencies as one of the measures to empower the Council for it to execute its mandate more effectively as envisaged in Section 9 of the Press and Journalist Act, Cap 105.

The committee is responsible for clearing all applications for accreditation.  The revised procedure for clearing the applications for accreditation is highlighted here below:

  1. All applicants submit soft copies of Form G to the Secretary, Media Council of Uganda with the necessary attachments.
  2. The Secretary to the Media Council forwards them to a document review team at Communications House, Plot No. 1, Colville Street, Kampala.
  3. The review is intended to find out whether the information given in every part of Form G is complete, the form is properly filled, and/or whether all the required documents are attached or are indeed the right ones.
  4. If there are issues for the applicant to fix, the review team brings them to his/her attention and copy this advice to the Secretary, Media Council of Uganda.
  5. The applicant rectifies the issues and sends them back to the review team at Communications House, copying in the Secretary, Media Council of Uganda.
  6. Once all the documentation is in place, including evidence of payment of the required accreditation fees, the review team fills FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY as follows:
  1. The Administrative Secretary fills in the validity of accreditation, expiry date, her name, and her title.
  2. The Administrative Officer passes on the file to the Research and Documentation Officer.
  3. The Research and Documentation Officer reviews the filled Form G, ascertains the attached documentation and, if satisfied, enters her name and title in the spaces provided.
  4. The Application is then forwarded to the Secretary, Media Council of Uganda for further management.
  5. The Secretary fills in his name as the Accrediting Officer and his title, and forwards each case to the National Accreditation Committee for vetting.
  6. The vetting takes seven working days before reverting to the Secretary with the necessary advice.
  7. If accreditation is granted, the Secretary signs Form G and forwards the documentation for preparation of the Accreditation Card.
  8. The successful applicant shall be contacted to pick his or her card at the advised location (s).

The registration process and procedure for local editors and journalists remain unchanged. However, they are required to get registration cards from the Media Council in order for the Police to continue allowing them to cover the forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections or anywhere near the polling stations across the country. The application form has also not been changed and the registration fees remain the same, with the deadline set for December 30, 2020.


  1. A letter from the employer of the journalist to the Secretary, Media Council of Uganda stating the purpose of visit to Uganda.
  2. Two-color passport-size photographs and a Scanned Copy of Passport for each person.
  3. Fill Form G (downloaded from our website stating the applicant’s particulars.
  4. Scan, attach all documentation, and send them electronically to the following email addresses:,
  5. Either:
    1.  Pay a fee of US$175 per person for a period not exceeding 30 days of the journalist’s stay; or
    2. Pay a fee of US$225 per person for a period beyond 30 days up to six months of stay; or
    3. Pay a fee of US$325 per person for a period beyond six months up to two years.
  6. Our working days/hours:

Monday – Friday    8:00am – 12:45pm

2:00pm – 5:00pm

Saturday and Sunday      –           Closed

  1. We do not accept cash, cheques, or drafts. Payment should be wired to:

Account name:    M/S Media Council

Bank:                      ABSA Bank (Uganda) Ltd

Physical Location:    Plot No. 16, Kampala Road, Kampala City.

Account No:        0341419662

Swift code-              BARCUGKX-

  1. Once we confirm your payments, a press accreditation card/permit is prepared and issued to the applicant to complete the process. Please, ensure you sign for it from our offices at Communications House, Plot 1, Colville Street, Kampala, Uganda. The responsible officer is Lillian and can be reached by phone at +256 772 491335.

Kyetume Kasanga

Secretary, Media Council of Uganda

+256 772 516456